Addicted to Color In D.C.

O.K., I admit it.  My name is Angela and I am addicted to color.  I say this because whenever I go into the city for a networking gathering or business meeting I dress the way I always do and the minute I walk in clad in some wonderful mixture of spring green, white and lavender, I suddenly feel the way a rather tall, blonde friend of mine felt when they traveled to China.  Once again a stranger in the strange conservative world of grey.  Let me explain, I somehow forget the unwritten dress code of blue suits, black dresses and kakhi overcoats.   You know the type. 

 Oh yes, the occasional rebellious red tie, or blue polka dot will make an appearance, that is about as far as it goes.  Standing in a sea of black suites at a recent speed networking event I swore that despite the lay of the land I would not suppress my inner color to fit in with my fellow networkers during the next event.  I figured they would excuse me once they knew I was a designer.  I couldn’t help but wonder was holding back.  Is it really necessary to save your banana yellow and race car red for the weekend? Would the budget be more unbalanced and the would healthcare reform cease to exist if our leaders were distracted by a occassional pink dress. 

 I can’t attribute my love for color to being a decorator because most decorators love neutrals because they are surrounded by color all day.  In fact when I was taking classes at the Design Center I was told that I should where black to the opening of the design house,  Being the rebel that I am, I refuse to conform and color it up for every visit.  So enjoy a little color on me. 

This is a home featured on 1st-option, a website that showcases homes in London that are available to serve as sets for movies and other productions.  It never fails to provide a little eye candy for the designer soul.  Try not to drool.







~ by Angela on July 1, 2010.

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