Oh to Be Young Again

Today is my birthday and surprisingly I don’t feel my age.  I have heard people say that they still feel like a sixteen year old trapped in an older person’s body.  In pursuit of that thought I decided to dream a little dream of the room I would have loved to have as teen.  Today’s teen and tween rooms are super charged with bling and style that rival their folk’s master suites.   I think we all could benefit from adding a little bit of the “happy” that these spaces reflect to our own rooms.


Here’s a look that anyone can replicate.  The clever use of color on the walls and fun wall stickers are enough to make this room fun and unique. 


I don’t think I would have ever left home if I had this room.  It is the ultimate teen dream.  Bedroom, lounge and study hall all in one.  Although most of us don’t have room to put a sofa in our kid’s room, consider two occasional chairs and an ottoman.  So what is it about the room that provides so much eye candy???? Texture, texture, texture.  The rug and the accent wall treatment do the trick.  Also, look at what impact a punch of color (orange pillows) has on the space. 


Heres a great space for the sophisticated teen.  Gotta love the wall stickers. 

I love the use of stripes as an accent in this room.  Using pillows and blankets to bring in pattern allows you to change the room easily when you want a change.  Surfs up dude!!!








~ by Angela on May 12, 2010.

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