Red and White Decorating

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Summer is great.  One raised bed, Topsy Turvy, and  several cups of fertilizer later and we have our first harvest.   I don’t mean first of the year, I mean I have never grown anything edible in my life. 

 Kids planted and I watered, and watered, and watered and the sprouts I thought were  lettuce were actually radishes.  What can I tell you, I grew up in suburbia.   A few days ago my daughter comes to me yelling “mom I think the radishes are ready.” Light bulb moment there. 

In honor of my daughters unbridled excitement lets talk red and white because we certainly will be seeing a lot of it around here.  Green thumb earned!





Oh my radish!!


Addicted to Color In D.C.

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O.K., I admit it.  My name is Angela and I am addicted to color.  I say this because whenever I go into the city for a networking gathering or business meeting I dress the way I always do and the minute I walk in clad in some wonderful mixture of spring green, white and lavender, I suddenly feel the way a rather tall, blonde friend of mine felt when they traveled to China.  Once again a stranger in the strange conservative world of grey.  Let me explain, I somehow forget the unwritten dress code of blue suits, black dresses and kakhi overcoats.   You know the type. 

 Oh yes, the occasional rebellious red tie, or blue polka dot will make an appearance, that is about as far as it goes.  Standing in a sea of black suites at a recent speed networking event I swore that despite the lay of the land I would not suppress my inner color to fit in with my fellow networkers during the next event.  I figured they would excuse me once they knew I was a designer.  I couldn’t help but wonder was holding back.  Is it really necessary to save your banana yellow and race car red for the weekend? Would the budget be more unbalanced and the would healthcare reform cease to exist if our leaders were distracted by a occassional pink dress. 

 I can’t attribute my love for color to being a decorator because most decorators love neutrals because they are surrounded by color all day.  In fact when I was taking classes at the Design Center I was told that I should where black to the opening of the design house,  Being the rebel that I am, I refuse to conform and color it up for every visit.  So enjoy a little color on me. 

This is a home featured on 1st-option, a website that showcases homes in London that are available to serve as sets for movies and other productions.  It never fails to provide a little eye candy for the designer soul.  Try not to drool.






A Tattoo Your Ma Would Approve of

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Wall tattoo, wall vinyl, wall stickers…what ever you call them it’s another word for cool.  These easy on, easy off embellishments add instant pizzaz to  a space.  They look like you hired an artist to slave away painting a one of a kind mural, but you can apply them on your walls in about 20 minutes.  Quick and easy.  My kids were 4 and 7 when they helped me put some on the wall.  This is perfect for those of you who are afraid to paint. Little commitment here.  So get a tatoo I promise not to tell your ma. Check it out.

Oh to Be Young Again

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Today is my birthday and surprisingly I don’t feel my age.  I have heard people say that they still feel like a sixteen year old trapped in an older person’s body.  In pursuit of that thought I decided to dream a little dream of the room I would have loved to have as teen.  Today’s teen and tween rooms are super charged with bling and style that rival their folk’s master suites.   I think we all could benefit from adding a little bit of the “happy” that these spaces reflect to our own rooms.


Here’s a look that anyone can replicate.  The clever use of color on the walls and fun wall stickers are enough to make this room fun and unique. 


I don’t think I would have ever left home if I had this room.  It is the ultimate teen dream.  Bedroom, lounge and study hall all in one.  Although most of us don’t have room to put a sofa in our kid’s room, consider two occasional chairs and an ottoman.  So what is it about the room that provides so much eye candy???? Texture, texture, texture.  The rug and the accent wall treatment do the trick.  Also, look at what impact a punch of color (orange pillows) has on the space. 


Heres a great space for the sophisticated teen.  Gotta love the wall stickers. 

I love the use of stripes as an accent in this room.  Using pillows and blankets to bring in pattern allows you to change the room easily when you want a change.  Surfs up dude!!!







Some times its the simple things that make all the difference

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I love bringing you new and exciting products that you may not know about.  Want a fresh look in your bathroom, but can’t afford a remodel.  Check this out.



 These easy to apply frames make all the difference.  Don’t they do a great job breaking up the huge mirrored wall?



Now this bathroom  has a more pulled together look.  And now my favorite. …  


Simply lovely.

Photos courtesy of Mirror Mate.

Old World Charm

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What a happy little suprise in my in box.  David Bassett-Parkins, Founder and CEO of Ava Living, a website for exchanging decorating ideas, sent me a message that my project has been selected to be featured on their site from April 26 – May 2.  Check it out bellow.

This design features the lovely faux painting of Q Bramboeck of Q’s Custom painting.

A Well Dressed Home

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Wlecome to day one of our blog. 

Style.  We all have it.  It may be Gucci or thrift store bargain basement but we all reflect who we are through our clothing, the car we drive, the books we read and even the food we eat.  Yes, even something as mundane as whether we drink lattes or Gatorade says something about who we are.  Standing at a sandwich place today at the mall I over heard the woman in front of me order estra mayonaise and thought “that’s a new one.”  I am more of a “little mayo” person myself, but hearing extra mayo brought together a number of images to me.  So, as you painstakingly select the shirt, dress or shoes you wear or perhaps grab something off the floor as you run out the door how is your style reflected in your home.  Do many of us take as much tine to make sure our surroundings reflect our personal style.  What does your space say about who you are or who you will be???

That is what this blog is about, the good the bad, the impecable.  Lets talk about style. Who has it and where to find it.

What do these spaces say about the people who live there?





“Truly great design is what you would carry out of your house if it were burning down.”

 —   Marco Pasanella from “Living in Style Without Losing Your    Mind”